Where to stay when visiting Disneyland

As someone who visits Orange County, California at least one week a month I have become well versed in the hotels in the area.  Since I have a season pass to Disneyland I usually stay within walking distance to Disneyland and have had the opportunity to stay at many hotels in the area.  Out of all of the hotels I have stayed at, I believe Hotel Menage is the best hotel in the area based on price, atmosphere, and comfort.

Since I travel frequently I usually like to stay at hotels that collect points.  Unfortunately for me, that is the biggest downside for Hotel Menage.  As a boutique hotel that is part of the “Casa Resorts” family, they do not have a point system nor do I get discounts for my frequent stays.  Although I don’t collect points for staying here the savings from staying here usually tend to make up the difference.  Being near Disneyland there are many cheap motels in the area which really don’t do it for me.

Don’t overpay for the Hilton or Marriott hotels unless you get a great rate

I have always been a hotel kind of guy and I like nicer places. I used to stay at either the Hilton, Marriott, or Red Lion Inn.  The Hilton is tremendously overpriced like most other Hilton’s and everything you do in the room comes at a surcharge.  This is the same with the Marriott hotels as well.  The Red Lion Hotels tend to be a little cheaper than the Hilton and Marriott’s, but you can usually tell by the service and layout in the room.

So what do I like about Hotel Menage?

Hotel Menage was clearly a motel at one point that was completely remodeled  to be a lot nicer place.  When walking into this hotel for the first time you will notice that there are almost no remnants of this leftover. The lobby is classy with a bar and a high rated restaurant K’ya serving all types of food from across the world.  The real difference comes in when you walk outside to the Cabana bar where you can enjoy a beer or tropical drink in the sun next to a beautiful pool and tropical setting.  The age range of the visitors tends to be a little younger, but I commonly see families out and about when I’m here so it’s also very family friendly.  Their affordable room service options starting around $8.00 makes it affordable to eat in any day of the week.

Hotel Menage is ideally suited for anyone visiting Orange County who wants the flexibility of walking to Disneyland or anyone looking for a getaway.

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