Mama D’s Restaurant Review

Mama D’s Italian Kitchen
3012 Newport Boulevard
Newport Beach, CA 92663‎

Mama D’s Overview:

Mama D’s Italian Kitchen in Newport Beach, California is a staple in the community. The restaurant which is located right off of Newport Boulevard is hard to miss at dinner time as there is always a line of people out the door. If you plan on getting in on a Friday or Saturday night you will want to see about getting reservations or showing up early to beat the crowd. Overall the food at Mama D’s is very tasty and the service is great.

The Atmosphere

The atmosphere is nice and pretty laid back inside the restaurant  It has a cozy small feeling and they have some tables along with a very small bar. Since I went alone I decided to sit at the bar. The menu’s are simple laminated paper and they have some quotes on the back that I found very awesome.

The Food

The food at Mama D’s is all that it’s cracked up to be and more. Since it was my first visit at the restaurant I decided to go with my waitress’s recommendation with the Pasta and Pink Sauce. The pasta I ordered had shrimp in it as well which was very fresh. The combination of the entree and the free garlic bread and wine made for a very enjoyable experience.

The Wait Staff

The wait staff was very attentive to my every need, refilling my wine when needed and were also super friendly.

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