The Best Denver Brazilian Steakhouse

If you haven’t tried any of Denver’s Brazilian Steakhouses, it’s time to stop missing out on a unique dining experience and great food!  One of the great things about Denver is the wide selection of Brazilian Steakhouses which includes Fogo de Chao, Rodizio, and Texas De Brazil. While each of these Churrascaria restaurant’s are all great, Texas De Brazil stands out as the best of these.

The Best Brazilian Steakhouse Award fro Denver goes to Texas-De-Brazil

What Is Churrasco?

Churrasco is the cooking style that Brazilian Steakhouses use which is a Portuguese word for Barbecue. Unlike traditional steakhouses where you order from a menu, these steakhouses have unlimited meat and salad bars. At all of these restaraunts you will have the opportunity to try all of the meats they have available all without leaving your table. In fact for the lazy people out there, it gets even better since servers will come by with different types of meats including Beef Rib, Flank Steak, Chicken, Sausage, and Lamb just to name a few.  The Best Brazilian Steakhouse

Typical Food Offerings

Although each one of these restaurants is a little different, all of them include a salad bar as well as the meat selection. Texas De Brazil and Fogo de Chau have the best salad bars with over a hundred items. At Texas De Brazil you will find mozzarella cheese balls, shrimp, seafood, goat cheese, salads, potatoes, bacon, lobster bisque, and many other selections. Fogo De Chau’s is similar but they do not offer quite as many options and they do not have any soups like the Lobster Bisque that Texas De Brazil serves. The salad bars are included in the meal and are unlimited just like the meat selections.

Texas De Brazil Salad Bar in Denver, Colorado

The Drink List

All of these restaurants offer a great drink list although I do admit their beer selections could be better. However since it’s fine dining I suggest having a bottle of wine with your meal. When I go with my friends we typically order a Malbec red wine from Argentina and have never disappointed  Their wine lists are literally wine books with hundreds of wine selections. If you love wine, this is just another reason to visit one of these steakhouses.

The Environment

The environment at the Denver Brazilian Steakhouses is very nice. Although you don’t really need to go all out dressing up it feels nice to put on a button up shirt even if you’re wearing jeans. Everything at these establishments feels high class although it can be a bit noisy at times given the number of people and the fact there are many waiters running around cutting meat. When you sit down you are given a small card that is red on one side and green on the other. When you’re ready to start the influx of meat simply flip the card to green and you will be constantly bombarded with tasty food. When you’ve had enough or need a break you can simply flip it to red and it’s their cue to leave you alone.

The Staff

After visiting these restaurants along with several others across the world I have to say that I have never really had a bad server experience. This is likely because in addition to having a main server you also have the meat servers and a manager walking around. They are genuine and want to make sure your experience is good, so if it’s not then you can let them know and they will fix it.

The Best Brazilian Steakhouse in Denver Award

After eating at all of the Brazilian Steakhouses in Denver several times I can say confidently that Texas De Brazil wins this award for their Denver Location. The service is always top notch and the food is better than their competitors. The salad bar has more gourmet and fresh items than it’s competitors and the meat is a little more tender. The real secret to dining at Texas De Brazil is asking for the Beef Rib. Although it does not come around often (Unless you ask for it), you will know what I mean on your first bite. Some of their meat including the Beef Rib can literally melt in your mouth and the flavors are robust and delicious. If you want to get the most bang for your buck make sure to sign up for their e-club. Several times a year they will send out coupons for a 3 course meal including dessert for $34.99 and it generally includes up to 8 people.

The Cost

In addition to the several pounds you might gain from splurging on heavenly food your wallet may also end up a little lighter. These restaurants are typically around $34.99 – $54.99 and the cheaper bottles of wine end up around the $30 mark. If you couldn’t tell already I love all Brazilian Steakhouses, but if you haven’t had the pleasure of dining at one yet, make sure to do so soon and let me know what you think!

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